Stack-A-Box easy access front opening storage box system for home, office and camping

The new innovative Stack-A-Box 30 litre easy access storage system is the ultimate storage solution for home, office, garage and shed.  Instantly build book shelves, storage cupboards, desks and storage cabinets all with reversible front opening doors and without the need for any tools.  All Stack-A-Boxes are inter linakable, 100% Australian-designed,  built Aussi tough and patented world-wide.  The stack-a-box is the World’s newest and most versatile storage box system.   Nest it, stack it, link it, build front opening storage cabinets, expand your storage instantly with the innovative Stack-A-Box storage system! 

A pack of four (4) 30 litre Stack-A-Boxes with three (3) table tops is available, (total of 120litres of easy access storage) all packed neatly in a eco-friendly re-usable plastic coreflute box for shipping.

Stack-A-Box-vs-STD-boxes Stack-A-Box-easy-access-home-storage-system2 Stack-A-Box-easy-access-home-storage-system-x172

Stack-A-Box storage modules can be used and stacked just like a regular storage box, but have the amazing added advantage of vertical sideways linked stacking to allow easy access through the reversible hinged front door, to any box in the stack without heavy lifting or re-arranging.


“It’s all in the Box……… tools required” Stack-A-Box-easy-home-storage-box-system-

Modular with easy access The Stack-A-Box modular storage system can be used just like any other storage box, in the home, office, garage and shed; and costs about the same price. The patented in-built system on the base of the Stack-A-Box modular box allows the containers to be stacked and easily locked together securely in place so that the tops of the boxes face outward, thus each box can be accessed through the hinged front door without re-arranging or dismantling the stack, reducing heavy lifting and saving time. A separate top shelf, or work top, is also available, giving the top of the stack a flat, horizontal surface for improved usability, like a desk, cupboard, wall storage unit or shelf.


Features of the Stack-A-Box modular storage system:

  • Easy – Lock Together storage system, inbuilt structure which is secure & sturdy. The innovative Stack-A-Box modules just simply click together, along with the table tops (no tools required!)
  • Front Opening With Reversible Hinged Doors
  • Old Fashioned High Quality Value For Money
  • Durable, Tough & Built To Last, is up to 5 times tougher than what regular plastic storage boxes are made of.
  • Stackable, Nestable & Interlocking
  • Easily Expandable To Add On More Units.
  • No More  Heavy lifting To Access Your Stored Goods Like Traditional Top Opening Storage Boxes, a true all access storage box system.
  • BPA free, 100% Recyclable & Responsibly Made
  • 100% Australian Made, Designed & Patented World-wide
  • Ease of use, attractive and expandable
  • For storage box needs for home, office, garage and shed
  • Portable – The Stack-A-Box set-up as a desk, cupboard or bookshelf is easy to take apart, without disrupting the contents, and is very easy to transport in a car, for moving house, office or storage shed.

Stack-a-box instant cupboard sizes

Stack-A-Box Storage System Specifications:
Number of Stack-A-Box modules per package:
Four (4) with total storage volume of 120L (31.7US gal lqd)
Number of table tops: Three (3); standard colour black
Stack-A-Box module specifications:
• Standard colour: White box, clear lid
• Length:     44.4cm (17.48in)
• Width:       36.2cm (14.25in
• Height:      26.5cm (10.43in)
• Weight:     1.3kg (2.86lb)
• Volume:    30L (7.93US gal lqd)
• Payload storage rating per box: 12kg (26.45lb)
• Material: Toughened virgin PP plastic up to 5 times tougher than what regular plastic storage boxes are made of.
Stack-A-Box modular storage system volume:
• 4 x Stack-A-Box modules volume: 120L (31.7US gal lqd)
• Bonus eco-friendly plastic storage box: 84L (22.25US gal lqd)
• Grand total system storage volume: 204L (53.95US gal lqd)
Stack-A-Box system shipping size:
• Length:  48cm (18.9in)
• Width:   39cm (15.3in)
• Height:  45cm (17.7in)
• Volume: 84.24L (22.25US gal lqd)
• Weight: 7kg (15.4lb)

Stack-A-Box-2-module-storage-cupboard Stack-A-Box-instant-laundry-storage-cupboard

Ease of use and attractive The Stack-A-Box modular storage system is a convenient, clean and attractive storage system that can be continuously expanded to suit your storage needs for the home, office, garage and shed.

Stack-A-Box-instant-bedside-locker Stack-A-Box-Home-storage-cupboard Stack-A-Box-instant-desk-setup Stack-A-Box-instant-bathroom-storage-cupboard Stack-A-Box-instant-laundry-storage-cupboard

Tough and durable The easy access Stack-A-Box modular storage system is made of tough high quality, 100% virgin and BPA free, modified co-polymer plastic, designed and built strong to instantly make storage cabinets, desks and cupboards, or be stacked. Up to 5 times tougher than what regular plastic boxes are made of.  Most storage boxes on the market today, do not last and break easily, due to their thin wall section design, and the use of inferior materials that have no impact resistance.

Stack-A-Box is tough, strong and durable  copy Stack-A-Box-no-tools-needed-storage-box-system-

Low profile when nested for shipping and storage The Stack-A-Box modular storage system is designed to nest into each other very efficiently for shipping, warehouse and POS storage; each box nests into each other with only a 35mm increase in size, (height).

Stack-A-Box Nested


Hi Value The Stack-A-Box modular storage system is great value for money.  A high quality and versatile plastic storage box for home, office, garage and shed.


Stack-A-Box instant storage furniture sizes

Make low cost instant furniture The Stack-A-Box modular storage system can be linked together to make simple low cost furniture, such as desks, bedside tables, and shelves for the home, office, study, kids room, garage, garden shed and even camping.  Stack-A-Box modular storage system is a versatile hi-value solution for storage applications with easy access, that is simple to put together. Stack-A-Box modular storage system: not just a plastic storage box, but a complete organisational tool. Stack-a-box-book-shelf

Easy Access to your stored goods Standard plastic storage boxes, are hard to access the contents inside them when stacked up, are heavy to lift up and down, (bad on your back), and can be very unstable when stacked up high, generally they are also are made of very low quality materials that break easily. The Stack-A-Box modular storage system, has easy access to stored goods through it’s front door (no more lifting boxes), is convenient, strong and is an attractive storage system that can be continuously expanded to suit your storage needs for home, office, garage and shed. The Stack-A-Box storage system is the most versatile all access storage box system available today. Easy-access-modular-storage-box-system Stack-A-Box-Home-storage-cupboard Stack-A-Box-instant-kitchen-storage-cupboard



More Time for fun: Get organised and have more time for the FUN things in life! Stack-A-Box-home-organisation-storage-box-system- Stack-A-Box-love-this-storage-box-system-

The Stack-A-Box is a quality storage box system for home, office, garage and shed. cropped-Stack-A-Box-easy-access-front-opening-storage-box.jpg


Stack-A-Box Ecofriendly coreflute storage box


Stack-A-Box in 16 unit storage cabinet configuration


Stack-A-Box Bed-side table configurations

Make instant storage cabinets, shelves, and desks – No more heavy lifting with the Stack-A-Box easy access storage system: Traditional storage boxes and containers work well for storing and organizing items, but it can often be difficult to find and access what you’re looking for – especially if it’s at the bottom of a stack of boxes. The Stack-A-Box storage system features an innovative clear/transparent front opening hinged door so you can easily see and retrieve the items you want, even when the boxes are stacked, without lifting out any boxes; as the Stack-A-Box modules can be locked together to make instant furniture, such as easy access cupboards, shelves, desks and cabinets without any tools.

  • Stack-A-Box modules have a clear, front opening hinged door that lets you see and access your stored goods inside.  The hinged door is also reversible.
  • Easily stacked and locked together to instantly make furniture, such as storage cabinets, cupboards, desks and shelves without any tools.
  • Stack-A-Box storage systems are fantastic for organizing the following examples:

Closet storage system – Children’s toy storage system – Craft room storage system – Laundry storage box system – Office storage box system – Dorm room storage box system – Attic storage system – Basement storage box system – Garage storage box system – Shed storage box system – School and play group storage box system – Kitchen storage box system – Sewing craft storage box system – Home library storage box system.

  • Each Stack-A-Box module is 30litres (7.93US gal lqd ) in volume and is designed to hold 12kg (27lbs) of goods, the modules can be locked together to make storage cabinets, cupboards and shelves with easy front door access, like the following examples of plastic storage box, and furniture needs:

Food plastic storage box – Towel plastic storage box – Linen plastic storage box – Home craft plastic storage box –  Shoe plastic storage box –  Sheet plastic storage box – Book plastic storage box – Toy plastic storage box – Paperwork storage box – Spare parts plastic storage box – Photo album plastic storage box – Collectable plastic storage box – Hobby plastic storage box  – Hat storage box – Hosiery plastic storage box – Sporting good plastic storage box – Desk accessory plastic storage box – Model plastic storage  box – Tool  plastic storage box – Cables and wire storage – Costume storage box – Clothes plastic storage box – Toiletries plastic storage box – DIY storage box – Artwork storage box – Canned food plastic storage box – Music DVD  – CD plastic storage box – Laptop plastic storage box – Camping plastic storage box – Comic book plastic storage box, or any item that needs to be stored and accessed easily without heavy lifting.  before-and-after-Stack-A-Box-easy-access-home-storage-system

Versatile: Plastic shields items from the elements, like a damp basement or a dusty attic.

  • Functional and Unique: The Stack-A-Box can be locked together to make large storage cupboards with easy front door access or can be stacked in corners or on high shelves utilizing every inch of your storage space.
  • Easy-to-Use: The Stack-A-Box Clear plastic door/lid means you can easily see and locate stored items.



Stack-A-Box Stacked


Stack-A-Box in tallboy storage cabinet configuration


Stack-A-Box in desk configuration


Stack-A-Box in storage cabinet configuration


Why use Plastic?

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – Plastic is more carbon efficient than cardboard and recyclable at the end of their long working lives, providing an ecological as well as economic modular box storage solution.

  • Save Money – Plastic provide years of maintenance-free service and pay for themselves many times over their long lives. The Hi-rise Modular Box Storage Systems’ innovative nestable design saves valuable space on transport  and warehouse space resulting in more efficient logistics.

  • Hygienic – Easy to clean, Plastic  does not absorb moisture or contaminants, and eliminates dust and debris.

  • Tough – Made from tough and durable high quality BPA free modified co-polymer virgin plastic, up to 5 times tougher than what regular plastic boxes are made of.

  • Protection – Smooth surfaces, free from splinters or staples and waterproof that protect contents and prevent injury. Stack-A-Box modules stack securely, eliminating the crushing associated with cardboard, low quality plastic boxes and other flexible packaging.

  • Professional Image –  A clean and attractive modular storage box solution for Home, office, garage and shed.

  • Safety – Protect users from injury by securely containing their contents with the Stack-A-Box modular storage system, a world-wide patented secure stacking system with easy front door access.

  • Portable – The Stack-A-Box set-up as a desk, cupboard or bookshelf is easy to take apart, without disrupting the contents, and is very easy to transport in a car, for moving house, office or storage shed.



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14 thoughts on “Stack-A-Box easy access front opening storage box system for home, office and camping

  1. Great product, I am going to “Stack-A-Box” my whole garage, so I will finally be able to find my things (after storing them for 6 years), it’ll be like being in a candy store, might even be able to put my car in there for once. Kind regards Steven Roberts

  2. Thank you for this fantastic storage system. I have a business designing and creating dance costumes and my space is limited so an efficient and easily accessible storing system is essential. I have been using the Stack-A-Boxes and I can clearly see into each module to quickly locate what I need and the plastic is strong and durable. Having a storage box with easy access front opening doors is a great feature. The Stack-A-Box are a must have for all sewing and craft enthusiasts.
    Vanessa Schofield – Melbourne, Australia

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful storage boxes. I use 10 of them throughout our house, and they are extremely versatile, and they look great! I especially like them in my childrens’ rooms where they are fantastic for storage of clothes, and toys, they are also truly wonderful for keeping toys organised like my sons LEGO projects. Thank you! Julie Lake, Yamba, NSW, Australia

  4. These stacking boxes are awesome. They’re so user friendly. I love how the doors open forwards, and you can take out some goods from the bottom box in the STACK A BOX without having to dismantle the entire modular storage system to get to those items. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea.

  5. Hi, stack-a-box team! I would like to tell you how impressed I am with your storage system. As a retired engineer, I have a very large shed attached to my home in Brisbane, and I have had a clutter problem which until now, I have had a problem resolving. I had been using large plastic boxes on wheels, and these posed a problem whenever I needed to get to anything from a lower box. Then you had to open the lid from the top and unload items until you found the one you had been looking for. With stack-a- box, all you need do is open the front door of the box and presto! There is your item at your immediate fingertips. I have a 20 box wall unit in my shed and several throughout my house in the utility areas. My wife uses a unit in our bathroom to keep things dust free. I am very happy to have found stack-a-box. Thank you once again.

    Max crawley

  6. I found the stack-a-box site on the internet when i was searching for stirage systems. It is the only product i have found that opens from the front instead of lids at the top of a box, and also it is the only product that you can make into a modular system for whatever purpose and size that you like. I have a live-in maid who needs to store her belongings in a hygeinic and dust free shelving system and stack-a-box suits her purpose exactly. I also have young children who need storage with easy access for their toys and art and craft items in their playroom. Thank you for such a terrific solution!

    Mae sparks

  7. Thanks stack a box, for such a great product. I have had a storage problem for a long time and have had no luck in finding until now. I plan to use the system in my office, garage and children’s rooms, as I can get to things so easily, thanks to the front opening door, which makes storage so easy, no more lifting of boxes to get to the one at the bottom! I particularly like the way you can build a whole wall unit! It looks great too, and my daughter loves it as well. She has made herself a wall unit for her shoes, bags and craft supplies. I would recommend stack a box highly for all storage needs.

    Norah Greenberg, Sydney, Australia

  8. Stack-a-box is the perfect storage solution for my small apartment and SOHO office in my study. I can easily see and access my SOHO accessories without unstacking boxes the old fashion way. This is a truly innovative solution. I have a shelf configuration in my study and it is sturdy and looks great. I also have a 4 unit shelf to store my laundry products, the stackable solution keeps the boxes off the floor that prevents damp. Great product, great quality and of course, an innovative Aussie designed product. Keep up the great job. Thanks. Thomas Oort, Melbourne, Australia.

  9. What a brilliant and innovative product. I have looking storage boxes for a while my small apartment. This is perfect for my home office. I can see and easily access my printer paper and other SOHO stuff. No more unstacking boxes to get to the what I need. I also have a 4 unit Stack-a-box shelf in my laundry area for laundry products and towels. I love the way it stacks and sits off the floor to avoid damp. Thank you Stack-A-Box, you have solved a real problem for me. John Kipanokal, Melbourne, Australia.

  10. The boxes are fantastic!!!! My shoes are tidied away and the best part is that you can see what is inside. The front opening doors are the best idea! Easy access and so much more space for more shoes!! Fantastic idea. Impressively, they are sturdy and very well made! Love them.

  11. At last a storage system that is user friendly and attractive. My garage at home will be neat and orderly. My husband has no excuse now for an untidy workshop, his tools will be stored within easy and orderly reach. This product is a godsend, for someone who has had storage issues and has tried many methods over the years.

    Mrs candace williamson

  12. Stack-a-box front opening shelving has given my outdoor entertainment and BBQ area a welcome facelift. I can store my BBQ equipment, seat covers, outdoor plastic drinking tumblers and champagne flutes, cutlery, place mats, coasters and tablecloths, all manner of items that can be stored conveniently and attractively outside, thanks to your talented design team!! Alicia Grantham, qld

  13. A unique and innovative design, front opening doors enable you to see and to access your belongings easily! Stack-a-box is a the answer to all my shelving needs. I like that my belongings stay fresh and dust free and I have constructed a sixteen box wall unit in my study with a smaller unit of two boxes stacked either side of a desk. I have a very small study and I spend a lot of time in there as I am still a student. I recommend the stack-a-box system to anyone who needs any attractive shelving that is as user friendly.

    Hayden Christopher

  14. I am very happy to have found this storage product. I am using a four tiered column for cleaning products in my laundry, a 16 shelf wall unit in my storage room enabling me to store household items neatly and within very easy reach thanks to the front-opening doors on the boxes. I also have a small four box unit under the portico on my terrace for my dog’s belongings, such as leads, balls and frisbees and spare bowls. I would very happily recommend these user-friendly storage boxes to anyone who needs an attractive, hygienic and easy to assemble storage system.


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